Getting positive vibe….

I a have been in a busy schedule for past one month. This made me so tired, both mentally and physically. So I decided to do something to get some refreshment. So I decided to go to beach and I have spend late evening in the beach. Being alone I got a chance to watch every thing closely…. every thing around me is full of positive… children are just running here and there & playing , their parents are accompanying to their happiness… while watching this I realised one thing..everyone have their own problems in life but all these people create positive energy by doing little things in life. I came there with full positive energy.. both mentally and physically I am refreshed


Concept of god and religion

We all have a concept about god and religion. Some people are very religious in their attitude while some other people didn’t have much faith in all these things. I was born and raised in a Christian family and mother is firm believer in God and religion. My father is not much interested in all these things. In our childhood days both me and my sister were send church for prayers and for religious studies. Time has passed and we started going colleges. For both of us it was a turning point. My sister met a person who studying there and fall in love him. After term relationship they approached to my family and introduced about the relationship. All of believed that my mother will not support this relationship because the guy she loved was from another religion. But my mother supported this relationship and they got married. I asked her that why did supported this relationship. She told me if believe in God you must give preference love and human relationships this incident changed my concept about religion god and spirituality

“Life goes on… “

I have been in very busy schedule for past one year because of my job. I have to travel more than one hour to reach my office from my home. During this journey my mind goes back to my past life. This gives me a positive energy . Because when I looked back to my life I realised that my life is blessed with many good relationships and good moments. All these experiences and relationship made me what I am today. I have gone through several sad moments in my life…one such incident is that when my mother is diagnosed with cancer in the year 2014 and she was died in 2017. Throughout this period I have seen life in different manner. This incident made realise the importance relationship, values & love in life. The most important thing that I have realised is that what ever heppens, the life goes on…

Left handed people in the Right handed world

In this post I am trying share my experiences as left hander. I have gone through very difficult situations during my childhood days because of my left handedness. People in our society didn’t accepted useing left hand. Throughout my childhood I have gone through many difficulties because of my left handedness. Especially from my school days. The teachers gave more importance change this uniqueness. To an extent it negatively affected my academic career. My parents was not interested in changing this habit. Even today I am facing some humiliating experience because of my left handedness. I asked a question, why the society is not accepting the left handers?

Is my destiny is what l decide

Throughout my life I have heard that most of the people who is peak of their youth talks about destiny in life. Most people believe that their destiny is what they decide in their life. I have asked to myself one question that is my destiny is what l decided? When I analised my past life I understood that it is my destiny that made to take decision. I completed my studies and now working in a university and have good salary. I never dreamt about doing all these things . But destiny me go through thes process

Books that changed my concept of life

Before writing this content I am admitting my failure as a reader even though I completed master’s degree in English language and literature.I took literature as main accidentally. Now I am going share about the that changed my concept about life.

1. The Kite Runner,khalid Hossieni: This book gave me the realisation that how war distroyes a society. This novel depicts the glorious past of a country and war distroyed culture , identity & life

2. When Breath Becomes Air, Paul Kalanithi :This book taught me that the person who is nearing to his always have something to teach…he is trying analyse life as commen man, as doctor & as literary man…

3.You are the best wife, Ajay k pandey: This book gave me the realisation that love overcome the difference of caste, class, attitude….and sometimes it heart you. This book discribe the love story and their separation(due to death) after their merrage.

These are the some of the best books I have read and changed my concept about of life

Character is the real foundation of all worthwhile success

What makes a person success in their life? I have asked this question to myself and to the society form my childhood onwords. Most people defined it in the same. Some people believed that making money is real success. While some others believed education and job make success. When I asked about this to my parents they told me that you mold your character and give preference to humanitarian values, success will chase you. I am not sure if am good person? But i am trying to give preference to humanitarian values because I believe success is not based money or economic status it’s based one’s character. I thankful to my parents especially to my mother because throughout her life she taught us that character and human values are the ways to success.