Best Teacher!?

Who is your best teacher?many of us have heard this question in life (may be during our studies). If any one ask me this again I can say that my experiences is my best teacher.The experiences I have gone through in my life gave me the strength go further. I don’t know if I am a successful in my life or not?All the good and bad experience thought something new and gave me the strength think and do the things differently.


Flow of my life

I am at my mid twenties who works and leads normal life like everyone in the society. I always think that what made different from others? Like everyone else I have also done my studies and now working. I can say that everyone’s life is different because their life is what they believe. My life what I believe…

“I have no regrets “

I have no regrets about what I done in my life these are the last words my mother told me her death. Throughout my life I have seen my mother always used to help others……If any anyone asks any help she happily extended her hands. One day she was diagnosed with cancer. During this crisis I have asked her what did you achieved in your life? ” I have no regrets about what I done in my life, all these things I have done in my life; As a daughter,sister,friend, wife, mother every thing my duty that god has given me