” Happiness “

One of my friends asked me which is the most happiest moment in your life that made me cry? When he asked this question I tried to recollect a moment form my life. Because life has given me so many wonderful moments that made me cry. I have loving parents, relatives & friends to support me. The time I have spent with these people always made me happy. I am thankful to god for giving such blessings in my life.


Death maybe the greatest of all blessings

Death is the greatest gift that a man can have. Because it gives meaning to the life. I have realised the value of my mother after her death. Throughout my life she supported me and gave me whatever I wanted in my life. But I never realised her importance in my life.I think life gets its meaning after the death.

Life in oncology ward….!

I have visited hospital (ontology ward) as part of mother’s treatment. Actually it was a university to study about the real side of life. I have seen people who are from different caste, religion, class, gender, race…. came there for one single reason…patients to survive from the disease and by standars to save their loved ones from their disease. All these differences of caste, class, religion, gender is vanished in the air. To me this is the real university that taught beyond all these differences there’s something good values to achieve that morality, kindness, humanity…..I have seen all these things from these hospital.

Experiences of 2018

I have gone through so many good experiences in this year. I am sure that this year will be important to me because I got a job this year and I gone through so many good and bad experiences through this year. But the experiences I have gone through yesterday (30/12/2018) was different because it is mixed with both good and bad experience. One of my favourite friend from my college invited me to attend her merrage. It was on 30/12/2018. I was not interested in attending this merrage and decided to have a tour. I called my childhood friends and told all these things to them. They first rejected this and told me to attend her merrage you lose your good friend. At last , because of my adment stand they decided to come with me. We enjoyed our tour very well and the beauty of nature gave us some energy and we came back our home. After getting home I decided to call my friends who attended her merrage but they disconnected the call by saying “they are busy, they call me later.” But I realized that they’re not interested to talk to me because of not attending our friend’s wedding. Both this experiences gave me some realisation about life. On the end of this year I am trying to study something about about these two experiences and I didn’t get an answer!?

“Best days at the beach are shared with a best friend “

“The best days at the beach are shared with a best friends.” When I have gone through these words I realised that these words are true. After a long time, I have spend some time with my childhood friends. And we travelled to some places and finally reached to beach. From there we started to recollect our childhood memories…these experience gave us a realisation that spending some time with our loved one gives the power overcome the negativities that happening in our life……

The first day in the school & last day in college

I think most of us have gone through this experience in our life. Those who have gone through these situations know that it will be their life changing moments in their life. I was sent to my school when I was 4 year old and completed my studies at the age of 24. I was not good at my studies. But I believe the education got from my school and college made what I am. Throughout these years I was fighting to overcome my own limitations.

Best Teacher!?

Who is your best teacher?many of us have heard this question in life (may be during our studies). If any one ask me this again I can say that my experiences is my best teacher.The experiences I have gone through in my life gave me the strength go further. I don’t know if I am a successful in my life or not?All the good and bad experience thought something new and gave me the strength think and do the things differently.